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Powered by real-time remittance processing, the money is sent in real-time. Recipients receive money in 30 minutes or less.


Security of our customers and their transfers are of concern. Thus we are verifying and securing every transaction.


Digital Private Accounts shield recipient's privacy. Get paid out straight to your card, without ever having to disclose real card number.


Enjoy freedom of sending money anytime and from anywhere. Use a computer, smartphone or tablet to make transfers at home, from work and on the go.


In a rush? Make transfers in just one click! With One Click Transfers remittances have never been this simple.

One2One Money is an online money transfer service providing transfers from one card to another

Request a payout or send money to another person, quickly, conveniently, securely and privately. Use One2One Money to transfer money to family, friends and freelancers, incountry and abroad, from one card to another




Six transfers, six stories. Click on individual case to read its story illustrated.

Monet Needed

Check out how Jabi's Mum powers his European tour letting Jabi keep his cool in dire straights.

Remittances to Earthlings

Major Lee explains captain Miguel how fast sending money with One2One is. From outer space to Earthlings in less han 30 minutes.

Good day to get paid

Kaminskis are putting wallpapers. Alas, they'r short of cash - luckily, Ben is accepting card payments, courtesy of One2One.

6B hits the Zoo

Ms Clarisson is a teacher taking her class to the City Zoo. She's using One2One to collect money from parents while keeping her privacy and avoiding pupils handle cash.

Hanna aces again

Hanna got an A at her Uni. Bravo! She's taking guys to drinks only to discover she is a little short. Mum comes to rescue without leaving work.

Game of Finances

How to make minors financially literate? Max and his dad make it for Max' birhtday having a clear objective: helping Max buy a new game.